Learn Tamil from Anywhere

The pandemic has shown us a new world of Virtual learning. During the pandemic, the whole world started learning virtually. From Kindergarteners to College students, virtual learning helped us continue learning. While virtual or remote learning is not a substitute for in-person learning, it gives opportunities when in-person learning is not possible.

Even though Tamil schools have grown in numbers, a significant section of Tamil children has still not enrolled in Tamil Schools. It could be because most Tamil Schools function during weekends when working parents want to rest after a hectic week.

Poongaa Virtual Tamil School aims to cater to this section of the Tamil Population who want to learn Tamil from the comfort of their home. However, we encourage parents to enroll their children in the nearby Tamil Schools if possible, as in-person learning is always the best mode of education for the Children. If that is not possible, Poongaa Virtual Tamil School provides the opportunity to learn Tamil virtually.

Our only aim is to take Tamil education to all sections of Diaspora Tamils. Join us in this journey.